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Blog commenting is one of the most powerful Link building strategy for your website which doubles the chances to get better rankings in the search engines and to get good quality traffic. Blog commenting has proven to be one of the most effective link building strategies as it helps you get quick links to your website, get your site indexed fast and ramp up the ranking process.

Needless to say, Backlinks from high PR pages are great to increase page rank and search engine result page. And even though most will stay permanently, we still provide 10 days replacement guarantee. All links are obtained from participating in Blog Commenting, Article discussion or submitting your URL to the page. We place your keywords as anchor texts with URLs landing on key pages. Anchor texts are surrounded by resourceful and relevant text unlike spammy looking comment, which make them work both for search engine ranking and traffic increase. Reach to the top with PR5+ links or build it gradually with PR3 or 4 links. Your backlinks will be posted on the actual page rank website (Inner Page PR). Your backlinks will be on Do Follow blogs (Posts). If you buy a PR6 backlink your link will be on an actual PR6 page.

sf-blog-commentThe purpose of niche blog comments service or theme-based comments service is to create links on blogs relevant to your industry. If you want to hire a service that can focus on niche blogs only, then you can count on our experts for quality work. Our link builders will find industry related blogs and create back links for you on those blogs to give a boost to your rankings.

If you want to give a fast push to your rankings, then you must acquire our DoFollow blog comments service. When you ask us to create links on DoFollow blogs only, we’ll avoid NoFollow blogs. DoFollow back links will build the reputation of your website and targeted pages and help you rank high in search results.

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