Buy High PR Backlinks: Easy Web 2.0 Branding

Buy High PR Backlinks for Easy Web 2.0 Branding

Before buy high pr backlinks, you need to remember web 2.0 SEO is mostly helpful for branding, not for ranking. If you are interested in buying backlinks for better rankings, please head over to our main link building service.

Free High PR Backlinks

Some high PR backlinks you can get for free (as long as you are willing to trade time for money) are:

Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Digg, Delicious, Reddit, Tumblr, WordPress, Stumbleupon, and all relevant directories (for local SEO).

All of these are web 2.0 which basically let users register on a site by creating a profile page.

You also need to remember that after creating profiles on these web 2.0 websites, you have to link out to them from your website ideally, or at least from a decent site with a good and consistent crawl rate.

Since you basically want these pages indexed and considered by Google and other search engines in order to be considered.

Buy High PR Backlinks ServiceBuy High PR backlinks

When you buy high pr backlinks from, we create a profile for you on most popular Web 2.0 websites and add a link to your website on each profile. These links will be permanent and never removed. Some of these may be nofollow given the nature of web 2.0 properties.

Also, keep in mind all submissions will be manual and to the highest quality standards. After creating these backlinks, your website will improve its branding and in some cases your keyword rankings.

Web 1.0 vs Web 2.0 Example

Visit this page z0esiaiton9rv to see an example of a web 1.0 property. This other page Cheap SSL Shop is an example of a web 2.0 property.

Our High PR backlink service includes:

  • Submission to over 15 high PR websites
  • Permanent one-way backlinks
  • Manual submission (spam safe)
  • Completed in 5 business days
  • All links are pinged
  • Detailed submission report

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