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sf-full-seo-auditAre you willing to occupy first positions on Google in order to increase traffic and profit? But you don’t know what to begin with?

First of all we recommend that you order our Full Website SEO Audit that will include not only a full SEO analysis but also our tips and recommendations on how to optimize your website and your online presence, along with a competitor analysis and a content audit. This is really a great deal!

This full and detailed SEO audit will show you how well your website is optimized for SEO against your competitors and reveal weak points that need to be improved. Although most search engines use dozens of ranking factors (some say Google uses over ranking factors) when determining which site should be ranking at the top for each search term, some factors are more important than others. Thus, no matter what kind of service or company you pick for making a full SEO audit, it’s important that you comprehend which factors apply to you and which you should/could disregard. Having a full website SEO audit is crucial before any other investments in SEO and online marketing in order to have a solid SEO strategy.

Most businesses owners, especially small business owners, fail at this stage, as they too often focus on what the SEO gurus or marketing experts are saying. This is wrong for several reasons:

  1. Not everything that is being said out there applies to every business. This applies especially to small businesses which often do not have their business or marketing goals in place to begin with. Most small businesses just start small and start selling without having a business plan (We use the business canvas for SEO).
  2. While some gurus or experts are highly skilled in explaining concepts, not all of them have hands on experience and thus, much too often some gurus simply repeat what others say in a never ending snowball effect.
  3. Most SEO cases from said gurus or the main SEO companies are based in big companies and thus big data, which means they have more than enough data to make sound business decisions. While this is the right approach, it often does not applies to the business owner with a limited budget as these type of businesses simply do not have enough data to make this type of decisions or investments. Alas, 90% of businesses fall in this stage.

Most SEO companies selling SEO strategy or SEO audits will focus on 1) Keyword analysis, 2) Competitor analysis, 3) Website architecture, 4) Backlink profile, 5) Social media and content. We believe this approach is only right to a certain degree, as it is in fact not paying attention to what the frugal owner is actually in need of.

When you buy a Full SEO Audit from us you get not only the above, but also…

Your Full SEO Audit includes:

  • Business evaluation and differentiating factors
  • Brand assessment
  • Domain and subdomain analysis
  • Detailed keywords analysis
  • On-site SEO analysis
  • Competitors analysis
  • Your website architecture and code errors check
  • Backlink profile (Off-site SEO)
  • Ranking factor’s performance test showing you what you’ve missed for website optimization
  • Content Audit
  • A step by step analysis on how to update your website and achieve top ranking
  • Turn round time 7 business days

Simply fill up the form and click the Order Now button, you will then be directed to a safe PayPal page for you to finalize payment. If you have a question that isn’t listed here, please contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you have.

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