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We create for you profiles on thousands of different forums and add a link to your website in each profile. Profile backlinks are permanent and are never removed. After we add these links you start seeing new backlinks within a few days, and the amount of links will steadily increase for next 1-2 months. This link building service with such slow increase in amount of backlinks looks safe and natural for search engines.

  • Submission to over 6000 forums from our high quality database
  • Permanent One-way Links
  • Ownership of all the accounts created
  • Complete in 10 business days
  • Detailed Submission Report (Sample report)

Profile backlinking is simply joining and creating profiles onto certain forums or web 2.0 sites and leaving links to your site with the chosen anchor texts. The main advantage of profile backlinks is that most forums and/or web 2.0 sites allow dofollow backlinks and they happen to have high PageRank which makes them appear authoritative in the eyes of Google. These sites generally encourage you to leave your links to their site which lasts there for many years.

To make your profile backlinking campaign effective, a main requirement should be that your profile page in such sites must be viewable even without signing in as a user i. e. they must be publicly viewable. A few sites make your profile page private and available only for registered members which will not count as backlinks to your site as they’ll not be found by Google.

With our cheap profile backlinks services you will get thousands high quality, one way backlinks to your website. A profile will be created for you on thousands of various forums, and give a backlink to your website on each one of the profiles. These links are permanent and we will never remove. As we add these links you begin seeing new backlinks within a couple of days, and the quantity of links will continuously increase for next 1-2 months. Because of this fact such slow increase in quantity of backlinks looks natural and safe for search engines.


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