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It’s no secret that Google and the other search engines take your Alexa ranking very strongly into account. There is no point simply optimizing your website and backlink building when your Alexa ranking is in the millions. The only way you are going to get 10,000’s or 100,000’s of organic visitors interested in your products, services or click on your ads is if your Alexa ranking is high. We get you thousands to millions of Alexa visitors.  But what are Alexa visitors and how do we target them to help you boost your ranking?  Well, Alexa obtains data from users who install the Alexa Toolbar in their web browser.  This allows them to get statistics on web site traffic, upstream traffic, downstream traffic and related links when they use the search engines.  It uses the information to calculate the Alexa ranking.

DaniDans taps on its huge network of Alexa Toolbar users to provide you with Alexa traffic with the sole purpose of greatly improving your Alexa ranking and getting more hits.

What you will receive when buy Alexa traffic from us:

  • Visitors will have Alexa toolbars installed in their browsers so their visits will count.
  • Visitors are 24 hour unique.
  • You will get real time stats via your very own personalized Cpanel to monitor your Alexa traffic (note that Google Analytics and visitor tools do not measure Alexa traffic very well – however you can use to see your rankings improve)



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