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Everybody knew that edu domains are valued and trusted more by search engines than other domains. By that statement we can realize one thing, that is, developing backlinks from edu domains is probably the best way to increase web page ranking.

Why does edu domain seems so special to search engines than other domains? Because edu domain is representative of education website, you can think yourself how “trusted” and how “respected” this domain by search engines, because we already know that education websites is good and trusted site that have high authority in managing links out from the sites, therefore educational sites do not link to any website, they only links to websites that really have something to offer. Imagine if your website is one of links that linked by this .edu site.

By having backlinks from edu domain, one’s website rank can be increased rapidly because edu backlinks have a significant impact on website ranking in terms of search engines, even it is said that having one edu backlink is as same as having ten regular domain backlinks, so how if your website have ten edu backlinks? How if your website have hundreds of this backlinks?

EDU sites are highly trusted by search engines, especially by Google. So obtaining .EDU backlinks to your website will help you rank in search engines better than your competitors. With our .EDU backlinks service we will get you listed on blogs and profile pages on .EDU domains. The backlink will have your anchor text and a link back to whatever URL you wish.

  • Submission to over 100 .EDU websites
  • One-way Links
  • Completed in 5 business days
  • Detailed Submission Report


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