Ranking Factors

Google Ranking Factors For SEO in 2018

These are the main website metrics that every small business owner or frugal entrepreneur should focus on

While some may argue Google uses over 200 ranking factors when ranking websites, it’s barely impossible for the frugal entrepreneur and small businesses to even keep their websites up to date. It’s almost impossible making sure regular small business website can keep up with the dozens of ranking factors.

This page will provide a basic explanation of the top 10 ranking factors, how you can measure them and how you can achieve the best results with a limited budget. We will focus mostly in the small business, but these can also be used by larger, more established businesses.

If you really want to understand this list and the importance of each ranking factor, you have to start evaluating your business as well as your value proposition.

If what you’re selling does not have a place in the market, or if you’re testing a new business idea, focusing on these ranking factors won’t help you that much. I would instead suggest that you check our business strategy for a better understanding of modern SEO and how it has evolved.

If, on the other hand, you have a business that is generating revenue, but either because of new technologies, new markets, or new competitors, wants to grow, this checklist is for you. If you follow it diligently you will gain much benefit in your SEO for 2018.

You can also download a PDF version for reading later, or printing and pasting on your board.




205 Google Ranking Factors – Ultimate SEO Checklist for 2018 (Updated)